Our First Post!

Kenny Uzoma
Kenny Uzoma · 30 sec read · General · November 12, 2020 ·
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Wow... our first blog post! 

Welcome to the Linkname blog! Im really excited to be writing this because this is the beginning of something dope. 

Just to remind you, the reader, Linkname is a service that allows you to have all of your content on one page. From YouTube videos to Soundcloud songs to even Apple Music albums, you can add it all!

With our blog, we plan to feature tips, stories advice and other helpful content that we know you will enjoy.

... And thats pretty much it for now. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter below for more content!

Kenny Uzoma
Kenny Uzoma
Founder of Linkname. On my free time, I love to make music, skateboard, swim and go on long walks.

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